COVID-19 cleaning


We’ll help you fight the spread of COVID-19 with our thorough cleaning and disinfection services, available to both businesses and homeowners. Based on your specific budget and needs, we can provide our cleaning and disinfection services on a daily or weekly basis. 

At Paula’s Cleaning Service, our mission is to stop the spread of COVID-19 by helping you obtain a safe, clean, fully-disinfected environment for your employees, customers, and families.

Our EPA-approved and CDC-recommended cleaning and disinfecting products kill COVID-19 and any other unwanted germs.  They are all non-toxic and safe for use around people and pets. The hospital-grade products are also safe for all surfaces, including electronics, soft surfaces, and hard surfaces.

We also provide cleaning of all high traffic areas, including:

  • Door handles or nobs both inside and out

  • Faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms

  • Refrigerator handles

  • Microwave handles

  • Coffee machine handles 

Who we service: